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A Bronx Landmark....
Maybe you have heard our ads on the radio or seen our commercials on TV, but have you've taken the time to stop by and try us out. Now is the time. We have just past our 50th anniversary and are more engaged then ever with our customers. Our open door policies encourage our customers to let us know what you want to see our chefs cooking up. And here it is, all authentic, made with fresh ingredients..right when you order. No sauces sitting in pots waiting for you. We have chefs individually preparing your dish: no peppers, no problem...no cheese, no problem...no pesto, no problem. If you don't see it on the menu,




Riverdale Diner
3657 Kingsbridge Ave
Bronx, NY 10463
(718) 884-6050

MONDAY 6:00am 12:00am
TUESDAY 6:00am 12:00am
WEDNESDAY 6:00am 12:00am
THURSDAY 6:00am 12:00am
FRIDAY 6:00am 1:00am
SATURDAY 6:00am 1:00am
SUNDAY 6:00am 12:00am
PHONE: (718) 884-6050
WEBSITE: www.BronxRiverdaleDiner.com